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Family Support in Alberta

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This mother is struggling with her daughter’s substance abuse issues asked us for information on how to support herself. We thought this was a great request to highlight because many family members call us looking for ways to support their addicted loved one (which is natural). But the truth is, you can only influence and control your loved one so much. Finding ways to support yourself can be more effective because you’re helping change the pattern of addiction that’s occurring within the family. We provided Sheila* with the mental health and...

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Family Support for Gambling Addiction in Alberta

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This family has dealt with their brother’s gambling problem before. He racks up huge debts and then becomes overwhelmed. The last time they bailed him out he didn’t gamble for about 10 years. They want to have an intervention and confront him, but do not have a plan for afterwards. We advised that they might want to hold off on an intervention until they have some options for treatment. That way they can offer him solutions for treatment during the intervention process. We provided the following information: Intervention resources...

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Women’s & Children Addiction Treatment in Calgary, Alberta

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This woman, Erica*, emailed us looking for a First Nations treatment program. We weren’t sure if she was searching for treatment for herself only or one that included services for her kids. We never heard back from Erica but sent her an email with the following information that would hopefully be of help if she’s still seeking treatment. Erica expressed interest in the Lander Treatment program. However, if she wished to bring her child(ren) to treatment, this program is not a good fit. There is a long-term treatment program called Youville...

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Peer Support Meetings near Edmonton, Alberta

Posted by on Aug 15, 2014 in Blog | 1 comment

Heather emailed us several times looking for peer-support resources in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. We provided her times and contact information for Al-Anon and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in the Fort Saskatchewan area (near Edmonton).  Soonest meetings in Ft. Saskatchewan 08.17.14 – 7:30-9pm @ the Boys and Girls Club 08.24.14 – 7:30-9pm @ the Boys and Girls Club 08.31.14 – 7:30-9pm @ the Boys and Girls Club Boys and Girls Club 10090 93 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 1N4 [contact phone number] and [email] CLOSEST MEETINGS...

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Drug-Testing in Alberta

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A recent article showed that workplace random drug testing in Alberta might see some changes in the near future. Currently, the rules state that you can only do random drug testing in the workplace if there has been a history of substance use problems AND the workplace and job responsibilities are inherently dangerous. Now, a case involving SUNCOR is arguing that non-union and independent contractors should also be included in random workplace drug testing. We wrote in another blog about the delicacy and caution required when drug testing...

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You are the Director of Your own Recovery

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Alexis called us wanted to talk about withdrawal symptoms from consuming roughly 10 drinks daily. We thought this was a good opportunity to highlight that, while we are well versed and experienced in the mental health and addiction field, we are not certified health professionals. In situations like this, it is best to contact your family doctor or speak with your provincial addiction hotline, such as ALBERTA HEALTH LINK (1.866.408.5465) in Alexis’ case. Alexis also mentioned that she dropped down to roughly 4 drinks a day and that her doctor...

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Alberta Alcohol Treatment for 24-year-old Female

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In May, Spencer* called us looking for public alcohol treatment programs in Edmonton, Alberta for his 24-year-old Girlfriend. The first issue Spencer and his girlfriend would need to resolve is getting an Alberta Health Services (AHS) card, so we started by giving him information for the closest health services offices: Alberta Health Services How to register webpage: In person: Albertans may register for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) coverage and update their information at...

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Male with Alcohol Dependency and Anxiety Issues

Posted by on Jun 12, 2014 in Alcohol Addiction, Dual Diagnosis/Co-dependency | 2 comments

Troy uses alcohol on a daily basis to copy with anxiety problems. He is looking for a medical detox unit near Lethbridge, Alberta so that he could withdraw from alcohol for 3-10 days. He has spoken with a doctor about his anxiety and his alcohol abuse. The doctor prescribed him Diazepam for his withdrawals, but Troy didn’t find the medication helpful in dealing with his day-to-day anxiety. The closest medically supervised detox units are in Calgary. DETOX PROGRAMS IN CALGARY This link will take you directly to the listing of medical...

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Hello and welcome to the Alberta detox blog. This blog and many others are operated by; an organization of specialists who talk to people every day by phone and email to help them find the addiction treatment and support they need for themselves or loved ones. That being said, we know there are many more people out there that we can help. For those who we are unable to communicate with directly by phone or email, we will be posting regular blogs detailing situations of callers across Canada and the resources we provided...

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Alcohol Detox

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Alcohol Detox

Sunshine Coast Health Center is a provincially-approved drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility licensed by VCH.

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