Male with Alcohol Dependency and Anxiety Issues

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Troy uses alcohol on a daily basis to copy with anxiety problems. He is looking for a medical detox unit near Lethbridge, Alberta so that he could withdraw from alcohol for 3-10 days. He has spoken with a doctor about his anxiety and his alcohol abuse. The doctor prescribed him Diazepam for his withdrawals, but Troy didn’t find the medication helpful in dealing with his day-to-day anxiety.

The closest medically supervised detox units are in Calgary.


This link will take you directly to the listing of medical detox units in Calgary:

This is the link that is going to take you to the remaining DETOX UNITS (as well as other medical services related to addiction in ALBERTA):

When you are on the phone with these detox units, you will want to ask:

  • What the intake procedure is like
  • How long will the detox be
  • What you need to bring


Here are some suggestions we gave Troy to consider after detox:

Book an appointment to speak with your FAMILY DOCTOR to talk more about the your anxiety issues. It is likely that your doctor did not understand your concerns about daily anxiety when he prescribed you Diazepam. Try to explain to him that you used alcohol to cope with your level daily anxiety and that you are looking to find medications or alternatives to alcohol that will let you live a “normal” life without feeling anxious all the time.


Here is your local Mental Health and addiction office. This is where you would call to set up counselling to help you with your sobriety. There should be counsellors there that will help you both with alcohol and anxiety.

Lethbridge Provincial Building
Main Floor 200 5 Avenue S Lethbridge, AB T1J 4L1 Phone: (403) 381-5183


Troy mentioned his wife was supportive of his sobriety. However, if he decides he needs to speak to someone about your addiction in a mediated environment here is a list of therapists that specialize in addiction treatment for the Lethbridge Area.

Private practice addiction therapists in Lethbridge

Fedunec, Michael – MA, CMMC, CSMC, CADMS

Crossroad Counselling Centre
#202, 542-7th Street S.
Lethbridge, AB, T1J 2H1
Phone: (403) 327-7080

Being raised in an abusive and alcoholic family has given Michael sensitivity and unique understanding towards those who experience stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, co-dependency, and marital and family conflict.

Hagen, Brad – CCC, RN, PhD

The University of Lethbridge
School of Health Sciences
4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4
Phone: (403) 329-2299

Treats individuals with mental health issues (e.g. depression, anxiety, hearing voices etc.), addictions, men’s issues, and mid-life issues. Brad utilizes Gestalt, Existential, and Transpersonal therapy.

McCallum, Karim – M.Ed., CCC

University of Lethbridge
Faculty of Health Sciences
4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4
Phone: (403)-332-4093

MEETINGS (Other Support Resources)

Here is your local chapter of AA. Click the link, then select Lethbridge as your city and a list of meetings will come up. Your wife can attend the meetings that are “open”.

Your wife may also be interested in in attending Al-Anon Family Groups:


  1. Hello, I am travelling to Grande Prairie this weekend to try to convince my 32 yr old Son to enter a detox center. Like Troy, anxiety meds and alcohol have his life in a downward spiral that he is unable to pull out of.
    Does Alberta Medical cover this? What is the cost? IF he is agreeable, how soon can he be enrolled? Sincerely. Corinne

    • Hello Corinne,

      Thank you for your message. We will send you a message shortly to help with your questions.

      Kind regards,

      CDR Helpdesk

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