You are the Director of Your own Recovery

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Alexis called us wanted to talk about withdrawal symptoms from consuming roughly 10 drinks daily. We thought this was a good opportunity to highlight that, while we are well versed and experienced in the mental health and addiction field, we are not certified health professionals. In situations like this, it is best to contact your family doctor or speak with your provincial addiction hotline, such as ALBERTA HEALTH LINK (1.866.408.5465) in Alexis’ case.

Alexis also mentioned that she dropped down to roughly 4 drinks a day and that her doctor had prescribed Benzodiazepines for the remainder of her withdrawal to help treat her anxiety.

Alexis explained that drinking after work was more of a habit rather than dependence. She asked if we thought it would be a good idea to go camping for a few weeks to get her used to not drinking every day when 4 Pm rolled around.

We replied that doing whatever she thought would help her break her “habit” would probably be best. After all, you are the director of your own recovery. It is important to feel a sense of ownership of your life and the confidence to know you can make the right decisions for yourself.


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